Meet our doulas

WNY Doulas are experienced birth professionals in Western New York whose vision is to work together on the annual Better Birth ConferenceTM the monthly Better Birth ConnectionTM, training and mentoring doulas, participating in workshops with other local birth pros and supporting local efforts towards improving birth and postpartum support for all families in WNY. 

Tara Withey, CD, CBE  of Birthing by Design is a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator who has been serving WNY since 2010. Tara is a founding member of WNY Doulas and has specialized training in VBAC support, bereavement, pregnancy after loss, fertility planning, and acupressure. She offers a wide variety of classes that would fit any family's needs. Tara is also the only provider in WNY who offers a Christ centered curriculum for couples of faith. Tara recognizes pregnancy and birth as a pivotal time in a family's life and passionately works alongside them to make that transition a smooth one.

Beth Carey of Niagara Doula is a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula and a Dancing For Birth™ Instructor. She is one of the founding members of WNY Doulas  and specialized training includes the use of acupressure, essential oils and the rebozo during pregnancy and childbirth. Beth has additional doula training through Madriella, HypnobabiesⓇ & Still Birthday. Beth has been married 34 years and has five grown children. Testimonials are available at Doula Match.

Lisa McLeod of Serenity Birth Services is a DONA trained birth doula currently in the process of certification. She has specialized training in comfort measures, acupressure and the rebozo. Her passion as a doula is supporting women and their families to achieve the best birth possible. Lisa hopes to use her talent as a birth photographer to help make moms in labor have a beautiful and memorable birth. Her other talents and interests include singing, traveling, and cooking. Lisa has been married for 35 years with four grown children.

Elisabeth Carbrey of The Birth Story Doula LLC, is a DONA-trained birth doula and mother of two. She has been serving pregnant women in WNY since 2016. In addition to providing labor support to families, her specialty is crafting eyewitness accounts of each family’s transformation through birth, for a birth story is more than the retelling of a physical or medical experience. Elisabeth’s other skills include rebozo techniques, breastfeeding support, and assisting families with research. She believes the educated parent is the most confident parent, and she will help you answer your questions.

Meghan Hardy of Swaying Reed Doula is a DONA trained birth doula in the process of certification. Her goal is to make every birth and postpartum period empowering and specializes in moms with vaginismus. Meghan is married with one daughter.